Welcome to Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico
"El Oasis del Norte"

Iglesia de Santa Rosa de LimaCoahuila, state with two border cities, Piedras Negras, By Eagle Pass, TX y Cd. Acuña by Del Rio, TX. It's area is 149,982 squared kilometers (57,908 Sq. miles). It's covered by mountain chains and deserts. The weather is hot and dry. The west was plain desert until the irrigation projects made the land fertile.Famous citizens of the state were Venustiano Carranza, Francisco I. Madero, Melchor Múzquiz and the poet Manuel Acuña. Historic events have been The Take of Torreon, The Arms deposition by Pancho Villa and the capture of Miguel Hidalgo. Other important cities are Parras De La Fuente, Monclova and Sabinas. Coahuila State capital is Saltillo. Estimated Population is 2,000,000.
For a great site, rich in history and in Nature Wonders please visit Cuatro Cienegas, birth place of Venustiano Carranza.


It was the capital of the state formed by Coahuila and Texas. It lies north of the great central plateau. 1599 meters above the sea level. Fresh climate, dry and healthy for what has became a summer vacation center. Although it was the first Spanish settlement in the region (1575), part of what used to be the Nueva Viscaya, it counts very few colonial buildings. Its cathedral from 18th century is the best example of this kind in North México. The city is known for its production of wool and Ixtle. It is the Sarape the best craft of Saltillo. In the near mountains, mining includes gold, silver, zinc, copper, iron and coil. Train and superhighway from Piedras Negras go through the city. The Autonomous University of Coahuila was founded in 1957. Other important centers are The Institute of Technology of Saltillo, and The Autonomous Agriculture University Antonio Narro, to which belongs the internationally known Rondalla of Saltillo.


Founded in 1725 in the Sierra of Santa Rosa, in the place today known as Hacienda La Babia. The second expedition got lost and founded the settlement in the present place near of the Rio Grande de las Sabinas where the town was moved with everything including its Presidio (Prison). Its original name was Santa Rosa Maria de Sacramento, then shorted to Santa Rosa. Hometown of the independence hero General Melchor Muzquiz that became president of Mexico in whose honor the name was changed.

The Kickapoo.

The Spaniards had trouble to control the zone of tribes that lived in the region. They reached an agreement with The Kickapoo Tribe from Oklahoma, USA to do it in exchange for land and hunting privileges. Today, the members of the tribe can cross the border freely (without passport) in their annual migration. They speak English, Spanish and their native dialect. They still hold a letter from president Benito Juarez in wich he encourages them to a keep their traditions.


Industrial city in the center of the State. Its economy is based mainly in the steel plants and its derivatives plus other industries like fertilizer and other chemicals. Here, Miguel Hidalgo was prisoner after been arrested in Acatita de Bajan en 1817. He was then sent to Chihuahua with Ignacio Allende where they where beheaded. Metropolitan area population is 250,000.


City on the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande), across from Eagle Pass, TX to which is united by two bridges. Founded in 1848, renamed Ciudad Porfirio Dias, regained its name after the fall of the dictator. It owes much of its prosperity to that is an international trade point connected by rail and superhighway to Mexico city. The varied industry includes Zinc, floor, clothing, lard and the growing maquiladora industry. Population is of 150,000 inhabitants.


Founded in 1887, Sabinas was the place choose by Pancho Villa to depose his arms before retiring to private life to his ranch in Parral, Chihuahua.


The bigest city of Coahuila, laying on the point where the states of Coahuila, Chihuahua, Zacatecas and Durango, join. Itss strategic commercial location is the key for the great industrial development. It was home to a big battle in which Pancho Villa won the famous Take of Torreón.

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